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IEHUB® - Engineering Life Cycle Management Platform

IEHUB is a cloud-based software platform designed for the efficient management of engineering documents and deliverables, as well as for generating proposals.

Through our unique design, users can get uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, governance, semantic consistency and accountability for the enterprise's engineering data

Data-Driven Decision

Improved Collaboration

Scalability and Flexibility

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

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Maintain your master data according to ISO, Industry standards or your own custom standard.

Our in-house data automation tools will help you with deduplicate, classification, taxonomy of your master data, bring in the governance through our software and our 24x5 professional support.

UNSPSC Classification

Maintain precise data quality

Standardized Descriptions

MRO Taxonomy

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AI Powered Intelligent Search

Use our trained Al/ML models which can securely scan your business confidential information and provides precise response for specific questions without the need of sharing entire document

Knowledge Management

Enhanced Relevance and Precision

Complex Query Handling

Semantic Understanding



Industry know-how

We hold a unique position with our deep understanding, expertise, and knowledge of industry regulations and best practices within the engineering & technology sectors we serve.

Leveraging our uniqueness we are able to apply AI/ML technologies to improve the bottom line for our customers

Expertise, and knowledge on the industry regulations and plant management

Aligned Passion and Purpose

We are obsessed with applying the latest technologies in the core engineering space to bring innovative solutions for the betterment of our customers

IEHUB.AI is an Intelligent Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) platform built on advanced cloud technology, offering high performance, reliability, and solutions for core engineering needs.

Illustration of latest technologies in the core engineering space

Agility and Innovation

Our ability to make fast decisions, using an iterative approach to customer needs, provides a stable platform with user requested quality products and services.

Through our Al powered intelligent engineering module, customers can have less dependency on the market dynamics of resource and handle attrition with ease.

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