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Image of a Iso standardization

Why standardized descriptions are so important for your organization?

Let me start with a question, how would you describe your name shortly ? I cannot imagine the scenario where your short description of the name matches with multiple people and who to recognize for. A good description goes a long way – no pun intended. Whether it makes sense for everyone is a whole another matter. This is much more important in the field of engineering. For example, metric vs. imperial: a battle for the ages.

What is Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) and its benefits?

PLM or Product Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive approach to managing the entire lifecycle of a product. It covers everything from the initial concept and design through manufacturing, deployment, and eventually disposing. Did you know that AMC (American Motors Corporation) was the first to implement a working PLM process? It was so much effective that Chrysler, after acquiring AMC, implemented the process throughout their enterprise enabling them to be the lowest-cost producer of the auto industry at the time.