Advanced Reporting

Extract Equipment List, Valve List, Instrument List with hierarchy and flat view

Concept Engineering

In the early stages of concept engineering, capturing and managing material information is critical. Traditionally, many organizations rely on Excel to create and update these materials, but this method has significant limitations in terms of scalability, collaboration, and data integrity. IEHUB offers a superior solution by enabling the capture and management of all items from the initial stages of engineering, extending seamlessly throughout their lifecycle.

IEHUB provides a centralized platform for capturing all material information, ensuring that data is consistently recorded and easily accessible from the outset. Enable real-time collaboration among engineering teams, ensuring that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information without version control issues.

Simplify and Streamline RFQ Preparation for long lead items

Preparing an initial Request for Quote (RFQ) for Equipment List, Valve list, Instrument List, or long lead item list and managing sourcing activities are crucial steps in project execution. Traditionally, these tasks can be cumbersome, involving multiple stakeholders, data inconsistencies, and communication gaps. IEHUB addresses these challenges by simplifying and streamlining the RFQ preparation process with its datasheet templates, making sourcing easier and ensuring connectivity across all involved parties.

Preparing RFQs traditionally involves a lot of manual effort, including gathering specifications, compiling documents, and managing communications with suppliers. Manually entering data can lead to inconsistencies and errors, affecting the accuracy of the RFQ and the subsequent responses from suppliers.

Accurate Specifications

Pull accurate material and component specifications directly from IEHUB to ensure that RFQs are detailed and precise. Integrate with other enterprise systems such as ERP and PLM to ensure all data is unified and accessible, streamlining the RFQ preparation process.

Use predefined datasheet templates to quickly generate RFQ documents, ensuring consistency and reducing the time required to create each RFQ.

Use predefined datasheet templates to quickly generate RFQ documents, ensuring consistency and reducing the time required to create each RFQ.

Complete traceability

Keep track of all versions of RFQ documents and supplier responses, ensuring that all changes and updates are documented and easily accessible.

Maintain comprehensive audit trails for all RFQ activities, enhancing traceability and compliance with internal and external requirements.

Flat or hierarchy view

IEHUB enhances your drawing management capabilities by offering versatile viewing options for your drawing register, including both flat view and hierarchy view. These viewing modes cater to different project needs and user preferences, providing a comprehensive and flexible approach to managing and tracking drawings.

The flat view provides a straightforward, list-based format that makes it easy to locate specific drawings quickly without navigating through multiple layers of information.

The hierarchy view organizes drawings into a tree-like structure, grouping related drawings under common categories or phases, which is particularly useful for large and complex projects.

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