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IEHUB, your premier solution for managing engineering documents with precision and efficiency. Designed to meet the complex needs of engineering and construction industries, IEHUB ensures seamless document control, collaboration, and compliance, enhancing your project's success from inception to completion.

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with IEHUB

Centralized Document Repository

IEHUB provides a single, secure location for all your engineering documents, ensuring easy access and organization. Simplifies document retrieval, reduces redundancy, and enhances collaboration across teams and departments.

Material & BOM Document Management

Organize your material infomrations like, drawings, datasheet, O&M Manuals, Purchase orders, Purchase request, Quote, specifications, CAD models, images, and other relevant documents with the Material and or BOM hierarchy, and keep track from a central location

Restricted User Access

Have your engineering documents controlled under a Proposal or Project or Product and provide access only to the team involved.

Customizable Standard Folders

A standardized folder structure ensures that all documents are organized in a consistent manner, making it easier for users to find and access the information they need. Reduces time spent searching for documents, minimizes the risk of misplaced files, and ensures quick retrieval of critical information.

Customizable Document classification

Classification enables quicker sorting and handling of documents, ensuring they are processed and filed appropriately. Reduces processing times, minimizes the risk of misfiling or loss, and enhances overall document management efficiency.

Revision Control

Keep track of document revisions with IEHUB’s robust version control system, ensuring you always work with the most up-to-date information. Prevents errors caused by outdated documents, maintains an audit trail, and supports regulatory compliance.

Customizable Document numbering

Customizable document numbering format is a powerful feature that allows organizations to create unique identifiers for their documents based on specific rules and criteria. This flexibility can significantly enhance organization, retrieval, and overall document control.

Advanced Search and Retrieval
Utilize powerful search functionalities to quickly find documents using metadata, keywords, and full-text search capabilities. Saves time, enhances productivity, and minimizes frustration in locating essential documents.
Secure Access Control

Implement role-based access controls to ensure that sensitive documents are only accessible to authorized personnel. Protects confidential information, supports compliance with security regulations, and reduces risk of data breaches.

Compliance Management

Ensure your document management practices align with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Simplifies audits, supports ISO certification processes, and mitigates compliance risks.

Document Dashboard

Dashboards can provide insights into document usage, such as who accessed or edited a document, how often documents are used, and other metrics that can inform decision-making.

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