Complex Multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) made easy with IEHUB, without restrictions on the levels or components.

Our unique approach to BOM management allows engineers the flexibility to configure, re-use, and customize BOMs with speed and accuracy.

Reuse & Customize BOM

Maximize Efficiency with Shared Components: Create the BOM once and reuse it across products, projects, or proposals. The BOM reuse facility saves time and improves accuracy with information.

Maximize Efficiency with Consistency and Standardization: Customizing existing engineering BOMs is not a complex task with IEHUB. Duplicating the existing multi-level BOM with more than 2000 components is easy and can be used for similar projects, proposals, or products without losing control of the components or data.

Scalable with Complex Multilevel BOMs

Unrestricted Hierarchies: Does your project have more than 5000 components and you are struggling with existing popular BOM management tools to manage the complexity of the BOM hierarchy?
With IEHUB, it’s not an issue anymore! Complex multi-levels, up to 30 levels, are easy to manage, all on a simple cloud platform.”

Flexible Structuring: Whether you need to manage a simple assembly or a highly intricate product, IEHUB adapts to your needs without restrictions, ensuring you can structure your BOM exactly as required.

Costing Roll up with Multicurrency

Is your BOM globally sourced? Are you struggling with making calculations according to the local currency? It is not a problem anymore with IEHUB.

IEHUB supports most of the world’s popular currencies, where the components and sub-assemblies of the BOM can be sourced or manufactured across globe and your final system can be assembled and quoted in the local currency of the country.

Change Management & Quality Control

Enhanced Control with Publishing: Whether its component level or sub-assembly level or entire top BOM level, you could publish the BOM and freeze the specifications based on the purchase order.

Enhanced Control with Version Control: Incremental changes will be tracked using the revision control of the BOM. Get complete traceability of the BOM changes to understand the history of the changes.
Use the linking field to understand when and where the BOM is being used.

Custom Technical Specifications for BOM

Component-Level Specifications: Define technical specifications at the component level, including dimensions, materials, tolerances, and performance criteria. This ensures that every part of your BOM meets exact technical requirements.

Dynamic Templates: Use dynamic templates to apply common technical specifications across multiple BOMs, simplifying the setup process for new products. Gain the ability to attach custom specification sheets along with the BOM and generate the RFQ with complete details of the technical needs.

Detailed Documentation: Attach relevant documents, CAD models, or other files.

Multiple File Types: Attach a wide variety of file types to your BOM, including PDFs, word documents, excel spreadsheets, images, CAD models, and more. This versatility ensures that all relevant information can be stored and accessed in one place.

Comprehensive Detailing: Document every component and sub-assembly down to the smallest part. This level of detail is crucial for accurate production planning, quality control, and maintenance. Create, attach, and manage the documents to represent the complete definition of the BOM.

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