OUR Features

Core Features

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Import, create, track changes, revise versions or re-use BOMs.

Advanced BOM Reporting

Extract Equipment List, Valve List, Instrument List with hierarchy and flat view

Instant Search using AI

Forget skimming thousands of pages to extract required data from customer specifications or multiple documents. Harness the power of AI to get answers to your questions in seconds.

Material Taxonomy

Get your materials structured with inbuilt standards ISO 8000, CFIHOS, API, etc. Generate standardized descriptions based on ISO:8000 compliant pre-defined property library or custom imported library across all your business locations.

Standardized Datasheet

Generate datasheet templates or use the pre-loaded templates that satisfy industrial standards to create instant RFQs and standardize existing datasheets.


Create data intelligent PID, PFD & SLD and extract the list

Custom Header & Footers

Define document template styles with custom headers & footers to automate document generation.

Manage Issues

Raise tickets to assign, track & resolve issues in your projects & products across all business locations.

Standardize Checklist

Create standard checklists for every step of the process to allow engineers to sign off before delivery of any documents & avoid future non-compliance.

Sequence Number Generator

Automate tag number generation for materials & documents with pre-defined sequencing criteria, link & unlink existing documents in sequence or re-use pre-generated tags.


Get powerful data & statistics about all your engineering data, products & projects from the dashboard.


Importing all your existing materials & BOMs to IE-Hub is as easy as exporting BOM from your CAD data. Standardizing engineering data has never been easier.

Publish & Revision Control

Publish, revise and take full control of your documents. Ensure compliance by locking the published items, only change order is the way

Supplier Management

Efficiently managing supplier details and their associated documents and products is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain a streamlined supply chain, ensure quality control, and foster strong supplier relationships.

Technology Features

True Multitenant Architecture

Handle the workload spikes with ease through our multitenant architecture. Extend your information to 3rd parties and collect the deliverables with minimal training


Control the user actions through our role based access control and have your data protected

User Access

Add and remove access to the users for proposals, projects or products

Single Sign-on

Eliminate the need for multiple logins and have your single active directory account to control and protect your data

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